Private business owners focus their efforts on building and managing a successful business, creating wealth for themselves, their families, employees and the community.  At some point, they have to decide if the business will be sold or continued by another generation of family members or other shareholders.  We work with individuals and families to put a comprehensive and tax effective plan in place in advance of the anticipated transition – one that protects the current and ongoing interests of the founders while ensuring that the foundation is in place for a smooth transfer of the business and assets.

High net worth individuals with sophisticated planning requirements have similar estate planning needs.  Once someone has significant capital assets they wish preserve, grow and transfer, they will need an effective estate plan that minimizes the associated tax consequences, maximizes wealth, and reflects their wishes for the eventual disposition of their assets.

Our planning approach encompasses all areas that should be dealt with as part of the estate and business succession planning process in order to maximize wealth, minimize costs and ensures that clients’ wishes are achieved.  Each client receives a comprehensive document, written to reflect their unique circumstances, which provides the information and advice necessary so that they can move forward with their business succession and/or estate planning arrangements. We then work collaboratively with other professional advisors to ensure that the plan is implemented accordingly. Going forward, as tax or other legislative changes and client circumstances evolve, the overall plan is periodically updated.

Some of the areas addressed during the course of planning are:

• Determining the tax liabilities that will be encountered to transfer the business either before or
 at the time of death and utilizing tax planning strategies to limit or eliminate these costs.

• Equalizing the estate between family members.

• Dealing with the implications of blended families and family law legislation.

• Identifying areas of risk and using planning techniques or vehicles to reduce it.  

• Reviewing the existing business structure and, if necessary, reorganzing it in order to be sure control is retained in the proper hands while passing on the growth to beneficiaries.

• Ensuring that the current and ongoing income requirements of the founders is safeguarded so that their lifestyle can be maintained if they are no longer actively involved in the management of daily operations.

• Ascertaining cross-jurisdictional, U.S. citizenship or non-resident ownership issues.

• Using vehicles such as holding companies and trusts to hold, creditor protect and control assets while family members gain the experience necessary to manage them.

• Having appropriate legal documents such as Shareholder Agreements, Wills, Powers of Attorney drafted or revised to deal with buy out situations, avoid unnecessary double taxation, limit probate fees and ensure that wealth is transferred to the intended beneficiaries.

• Utilizing charitable gifting techniques and establishing family foundations to both minimize tax and to foster family values and accomplish philanthropic goals.

•  Assisting with management transition, the creation of family counsels and improved intergenerational communication.

Our planning service gives individuals and families the freedom to focus on what they do best, live the life they choose, enjoy their pursuits and leave a lasting legacy for future generations.

Our unique and comprehensive service combines all important aspects of our clients' personal, family, financial and business circumstances in one overall coordinated "multi-dimensional" planning process. Their objectives in all of these areas are achieved by utilizing innovative strategies in tax, estate and succession planning.