The Millar Corporation is a boutique consulting firm that has been providing comprehensive estate and succession planning services to a significant number of business owners (family-owned businesses) and other high net worth clients since 1977. Our integrated estate/succession planning and investment management advisory services provide clients with personalized solutions designed to preserve, protect and enhance their wealth, enabling them to achieve their objectives for themselves, their families, businesses and assets. Our clients receive the tangible information and the answers they need to make confident planning decisions today and for the future. The result is a positive impact on the lives of our clients and the lives of generations to come.

What Sets Us Apart

A Culture Of Excellence.  Each client and their particular planning needs is unique.  Therefore, the combination of creative solutions crafted for each situation is intellectually demanding and requires
an unwavering long-term commitment to exceptional and individualized service. Our culture cultivates this type of focus and has helped us become a leading planning organization.

Our People.  The Millar Corporation team is not only knowledgeable and experienced in providing value-enhancing approaches to estate planning and wealth management, they understand and appreciate the trust relationship we have with our clients.  We are proud of the dedication our team demonstrates and the contribution they make to building our business.

Founded by President Jim Millar, The Millar Corporation has become a forerunner in its field
in a business community that values integrity, creativity, objective advice, client commitment and civic involvement. These qualities continue to earn the loyalty of our existing clients and bring new customers to
our firm.